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The practice is currently closed for Christmas holidays until Monday, 6th of January. We like to apologise for any inconvenience which this might cause you, and wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Do you bulk bill my consultation?

It depends. We are NOT a completely bulk billing practice anymore, although we still endeavour to bulk bill as many of our consultations as possible. Dr Fatemi might still bulk bill some of his appointments at his own discretion, while our other 3 doctors are still offering fully bulk billing services whenever possible. Examples of the consultations that cannot be bulk billed include when the patient does not have a Medicare card (like overseas visitors or students) or when the consultation is for commercial purposes (like a driving medical for Uber).

Does your practice offer allied health services?

At the current time, Carseldine Doctors has a physiotherapist, podiatrist, dietitian and exercise physiologist. All of them bulk bill the practice patients as long as those consultations are eligible for a Medicare rebate; which is available to patients who have a current care plan. The best person who can advise you about your eligibility for a care plan is the doctor. Please speak to reception to organise an appointment.

Do you see new patients?

Carseldine Doctors welcomes new patients to our practice. You will be required to complete a new patient registration form upon arrival for your first appointment.

How do I get there?

We are located next to the Carseldine train station and bus stops, you can also use your car.

Is there enough car parking?

Yes, there is plenty of car parking available in the Clock Corner Shopping Complex and finding a space to park the car has not been an issue before.

What if I need an appointment with the doctor after hours?

Our hours are Monday – Friday, 9 AM till 5:00 PM. If you require assistance outside of these hours please contact 13SICK (137425), the National Home Doctor Service.

How do I get my medical records transferred to Carseldine Doctors from my previous GP?

We can organise it for you. You will be required to sign an authority form providing us with permission to obtain your previous medical records. Please speak with reception about this.

What should I do if I have a suggestion or complaint?

We are happy to hear should you have a suggestion or complaint regarding our practice. Please speak to reception and you will be provided with either a paper form to complete or an email address based on your preference.

What is the waiting time for doctors?

Due to the unpredictable nature of medical practices, our doctors do sometimes run behind. We do regret any inconvenience this may cause; our staff members try to ensure appointments are as punctual as possible.

Do you offer interpreting services?

We can organise an interpreter to assist with any language barriers if you have a Medicare card, and will be free of any charges. Please speak to reception to organise this. We can organise over the phone or onsite services.